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With many years experience in counselling and psychotherapy, I specialise in helping individuals navigate through the uncertainty and distress that may fall upon them. Starting the search for a therapist is the first step in the road to making the changes you have been thinking about. Many people fear that if they open up they will never be able to contain their emotions. They question whether they would cope. That is why I am here.

Psychological interventions enable you to create a deeper understanding of yourself and why you respond / behave to situations the way you do. Instead of being captivated by negative thoughts and beliefs, psychological therapy can provide a safe and confidential environment that will allow you to adapt these negative processes into something positive.

With my vast clinical experience, I work closely with clients to achieve lasting personal change in their lives. You may be facing challenges with anxiety, bereavement, depression or addictions. The psychotherapy and counselling process can make a significant difference in your life. Whatever stands in your way, we can work together to meet your goals.

Dr Jane Halsall

Thank you for visiting my website. I am a qualified counselling psychologist, backed with over 10 years experience in facilitating positive change for both individuals and families. My career has led me to working for many recognised institutions, ranging from the NHS to the British CBT counselling service, where I've worked closely with clients to improve their wellbeing.

My motivation to become a counselling psychologist was to work with individuals in some form of crisis and help them to reach a better place. For individuals seeking therapy they are looking for someone to provide a non judgemental, empathetic space. I value the relationship first and foremost and believe that is why my retention rate is high. I also tailor my treatment to the individual therefore it is not simply one model being rolled out for each person that walks through the door. It is a highly personal experience that is collaborative in order to achieve the best results.

"My goal is to provide you with the best psychotherapy to help you achieve lasting personal change"

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    Working with Jane has been an incredibly positive experience. She has helped me to understand and move on from many emotions and behaviours which had been troubling me for years. She is very easy to talk to and down to earth, but also professional and clearly very knowledgeable and experienced. She is a great listener but also challenged me to help me understand my own thought patterns. Jane offered phone and Skype sessions at times when I was unable to meet in person and her kindness helped me feel supported even on days in between appointments.

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    Working with Jane has built my confidence by supporting me to look deep within myself to understand and accept my past experiences, in order to build and maintain a proactive future.

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    I didn’t realise how little I understood about why I behaved the way I did and what triggered certain emotional outbursts. Therapy with Jane has allowed me to work on feelings that I didn’t want to explore . Just being heard and not feeling judged, allowed me to process negative emotions that I wanted to avoid. In bringing them to the surface, I have dealt with my past and I feel in a much stronger place moving forward.


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